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A Prayer on the Morning After Deadly Gunfire at a Quebec Mosque

A Prayer on the Morning After Deadly Gunfire At A Quebec Mosque

Gracious and merciful God our nation has been silenced by the horror of gunfire in a place of prayer.  We cannot imagine who could do this or why, but we do know what it is to gather in openness to pray in peace. Six have died and so much else seems to hang in the balance, and so we vow to continue to gather to pray and we refuse to let fear rule the day.  We are angry at this violation of the sanctity of life and of the sacred nature of a space consecrated to your glory, but you alone can harness our anger and turn it to good, so we give it to you.  

O God, may these bereaved Quebec families, the global family of Islam and the whole family of humankind, know that all people of true faith, feel violated this day, and that the citizenry of Canada shares in the sorrow of the victim's families.  Together we pray for peace. 

We pray too for the hospitalized victims still fighting for life.  Bring them to a place of full recovery.  We pray for the men, women and children who were in the mosque and survived the attack but now live with grief, fear and shock.  May they find healing, comfort and peace.  We pray for those who died with their eyes closed in prayer and their arms outstretched to you.  Hear the longing of their hearts for you, and hear the sorrow of people of all faiths identifying with their posture of prayer.   

O God, keep our mosques and synagogues, churches and temples safe and at peace and keep our hearts focused on love.  Protect the people of our land at prayer and at play, at work and at leisure from the senselessness of hatred and violence, and especially protect our children.   

We dare to pray too for our enemies, for you taught us so to do.  We pray for the cold blooded killer or killers and any who sympathize with their deed.  Open their eyes and hearts to see the evil they embrace and enable them to turn from it.  We especially pray for their families whose grief and sorrow too must be immeasurable this day.  

There is yet so much we don't know, O God, but you know.  And so we thank you for your great patience with this planet.   When all seems lost help us to see that you have taken the dust upon yourself that it might not settle on us and that death might not swallow us up.  For this and all your blessings we give you thanks.  

O God, heal this broken family of nations, this world of fractured religions and tribes. Raise us up to new life by your Spirit, write love upon the hearts of all people and fill our minds with the knowledge of your goodness and grace that true faith would unite us in our desire to do your will to feed the hungry, heal the sick, comfort the sorrowing, make peace, and turn the weaponry of war towards peaceful productivity for all people, that who we are might bring honour to your sacred name in which we pray, One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

(Offered by Rev. Dr. J. Peter Holmes - Jan 30, 2017) 


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Rev. Dr. Peter Holmes

Peter Holmes, BA, MDiv, DMin is the Minister of the Congregation at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church

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