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"Deep Calls to Deep..."

BlogEugenia1.JPG"Deep calls to deep at the thunder of your cataracts..." (Psalm 42:7).  
It wasn't the first time we had been to either Eugenia Falls or Hoggs Falls, but never before had we hiked the section of the Bruce Trail that joins the two. At this time of year Eugenia Falls is like a little Niagara as it cascades beautifully over the same escarpment as does Niagara Falls, but nearly 500 kilometres up trail. Eugenia's is a thirty metre drop into the canyon below is but a hint of the falls at Niagara and certainly in its width Eugenia is but a tiny fraction. Yet it is so picturesque and especially in the spring when the volume of water puts on a spectacular show. Hoggs Falls drops only about twenty-five feet, but it too is beautiful and the sound and spray refreshing after a hike on a warm day. BloggHoggs1.JPG t was a nice way to end our four days of hiking on the Bruce Trail. Like comparing these two small falls with Niagara Falls, our hikes were but a small fraction of the full trail. So to say I have hiked the Bruce Trail, or I know the trail, is far from adequate, because it is all so much bigger, yet, I have had a taste and it is good. Here's the thing, the same water that we saw and heard pouring over the escarpment and down into the depths below will one day fall over the same escarpment all over again without ever climbing an inch. Truly it will travel down the Beaver River and out into Georgian Bay and on to Lake Huron and then down the St. Clair River and eventually into Lake Erie and down the Niagara and over the same escarpment all over again. Eugenia and Hoggs are rehearsals for something so much greater. I believe every day is a rehearsal for something greater - so much greater. It really is deep calling to deep. I hear it calling me back to the trail, but what's more, I hear it calling me to venture on in love and faith.

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Rev. Dr. Peter Holmes

Peter Holmes, BA, MDiv, DMin is the Minister of the Congregation at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church

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