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Earth Day on the Bruce Trail

BlogBruceED3.jpgDear Mother Earth who day by day,
unfoldest blessings on our way... 
We were with Caitlin and back on the Bruce Trail on Earth Day following the signs that led us up and down through the forest on the westside of the Beaver Valley. We heard it first and then came across a stream at least seven or eight feet wide that thundered down the steep embankment in a mad rapid rush. There would be no crossing this river on an April afternoon especially after all the rain of prior days. However, the trail led us back up the escarpment where we assumed we would find a bridge, but instead were amazed to discover a spot where white water simply burst from the side of the mountain at least a hundred meters below the escarpment ridge. Before the afternoon was over we traced four such streams to mouths in the mountainside.  
Thou flowing water, pure and clear,
make music for Thy Lord to hear,
Alleluia, alleluia!


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Rev. Dr. Peter Holmes

Peter Holmes, BA, MDiv, DMin is the Minister of the Congregation at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church

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